Enforcement Forms and required Documents

The enforcement procedure starts at the request of the creditor, unless the law provides otherwise.

The application for enforcement is filled in by the creditor or by legal/conventional representative to the competent bailiff.

Enforcement Forms and required Documents

The application form for enforcement outside the terms set out in art. 148, Code of civil procedure, will include:

  • Name, address/registred office, unique registration code/identification data of the creditor and the debtor;
  • The number of the writ of execution;
  • Type of enforcement procedures required by the creditor.

The creditor will attach the original of the writ of execution or a certified copy and, where appropriate, other documents specifically provided by law.

Enforcement Forms Download

In order to start the Enforcement procedure, the creditor must fill in one of the following Enforcement Application Forms listed below:

Here you can find an example of how you need to complete the documents mentioned above.