Dobranici Bailiff Office – Enforcement Services in Bucharest

“We are a young and enthusiastic team, dedicated to client’s interests and constantly focused on solving their matters in a business and friendly manner.” 

Dobranici Doina-Crenguta



Dobranici Bailiff Office

B.E.J. Dobranici Doina-Crenguta is one of the most representative bailiff offices in Bucharest due to the extensive experience the bailiff holds, as well as to the commitment towards enforcement.

B.E.J. Dobranici Doina-Crenguta provides high-quality enforcement services, consistent with professional ethics.

Our professionalism is proven by the large clients portfolio, as we are always focused on the needs of each of our client. In addition, the professional excellence in the process of enforcement also relies on good collaboration with law firms.

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Enforcement of the writs of execution, mediation services, with the support of the competent bailiff

Enforcement of movable and immovable assets, evictions and auctions

Attachment of earnings, protest of non-payment of bills of exchange, promissory notes and cheques

Notification and transmission of the procedural documents, by postmail or by the bailiff’s procedural agent

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